How to Downsize the Family Home: The Best Resources for Your Move

article by Alice Robertson A few decades ago, you were outgrowing your starter home. Now, your family home feels too big, too quiet, and too hard to maintain. While it’s difficult to let go of a home where you’ve raised kids and made memories, downsizing is a smart move both financially and personally. Even if…

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image of desk and laptop

How to Squeeze a Functional Office Space into Your Tiny House

Remote work can be difficult to imagine in a tiny home. You hardly have room for a sofa, let alone an efficient and functional workspace! Fortunately, many people have found inventive ways to pursue remote careers out of their tiny homes, and you can too. All you need is a comfortable place to sit, a surface for your computer, and some smart storage solutions to keep work-related clutter from piling up all over your home. Check out the following tips to create your own compact workspace!

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Salt Spring Island Tiny Homes

Featured in Aqua Magazine. Read story online:

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Interview on Conscious Planet Network

From the show blurb: “Colin Crystal is a Tiny House builder who is passionate about helping people realize their Tiny Home DREAMS. In this episode we cover*How tiny homes can solve HOUSING CRISIS * How Tiny Homes help people feel MORE CONNECTED TO NATURE & COMMUNITY *How Tiny Homes CONTRIBUTE TO A HAPPIER FUTURE for…

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