Tiny Home Designs

Whether you are looking for an affordable space to call home, or an addition to your property or farm —  Salt Spring Island Tiny Homes will make your vision a reality. 

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We also custom-build mobile studios for yoga, music + art, guest suites, outdoor bathhouses, commercial kitchens, food carts, businesses-on-wheels, kids playhouses and more! With a  track record of happy customers and gorgeous designs, we invite you to get in touch to make your dreams a reality. 

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Design Gallery

Although this portfolio offers specific examples from Salt Spring Tiny Home projects, the possibilities and custom options are endless. 

We will build to your specifications to make a home that is warmly hospitable, beautiful, and perfect for you.


All kitchen options are customizable.
Pictured are:

• apartment size energy-efficient fridge
• apartment size propane range
• quality Ikea cabinets with solid wood, butcher block countertops
• stainless steel sink with matching stainless kitchen storage
• breakfast nook
• tall pantry for additional food storage

Other options include:

• under-counter fridge to maximize counter space
• propane, induction or electric stove top recessed into countertop OR stowable in cabinets
• Wide variety of counters and cabinets to choose from
• Single or double sink and fawcets of your choice


Fixtures and details are fitted according to your bathroom design.

Pictured are:

• Sunmar composting toilet
• on-demand propane hot water heater
• compact sink + linen storage
• full-size, stand up shower
• bamboo planted outdoor shower

Other options include:

• soaker bathtub
• low flush toilet
• solar hot water heater
• radiant in-floor heating


Spacious loft bedroom.

Pictured is:

• over-bed skylight for stargazing
• four opening awning windows for great summer cross-breeze

Other options include:

• 2 bedroom unit with lofts on both ends
• extra storage options available in sleeping spaces.


Living Room

The heart of your home needs to be warm and hospitable.

Pictured are:

• pull-out double bed with under-bed storage
• extra wide window ledges for plants and books
• natural light from windows and skylights
• high efficiency propane stove
• fold-away ships ladder that stows against the pantry
• lighting options fully customizable throughout house

Other options include:

• woodburning stove; electric heat
• stairs with in-built storage, ladder
• more storage options with built-in bookcases and shelving


Not everything has to be inside! In addition to west-coast style wood finishing, your Salt Spring Island Tiny Home can include outbuildings, decks, and awning.

Pictured are:

• craftsman finishing
• exterior lighting
• awnings with metal roofing

Other options include:

• rooftop water catchment, rooftop solar and solar water heating
• decks